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Apps Include

  • guides Guide Book
  • maps Maps
  • gallery Gallery
  • video Video
  • deals Daily Deals
  • exclusive deals Exclusive Deals
  • Currency Converter Currency
  • weather Weather
  • news and links News & Links
  • phrases Phrase Book
  • Twitter Twitter
  • book_it Book It
  • Guidebook

    Live guides: constant fresh info, not stale like hikers underpants.

    Appy Travels guidebooks are better because they’re constantly updated with the latest info from travellers like you. New festival going on or that restaurant burnt down? We quickly find out because ‘appy travellers like you, tell us!

  • Maps

    Ok navigator, this is for you! With accommodation, attractions, transport, bars, restaurants and more, our maps will help you get from A to B, find out a bit more about B first and give you a feel for the lay of the land.

  • Photo Gallery

    All Appy Travels apps are blessed with a wealth of inspiring imagery provided by generous travel photographers worldwide. A flick through them will always get you excited and help with your planning.

  • Curated Videos

    You’ve seen it in the photo gallery - now hear it with a video! Sure to lift your excitement levels, Appy Travels apps include some excellent videos, compiled by some talented travellers. See it, hear it, then go there!

  • Daily Deals

    The best of the deals sites.

    We search the deals sites daily and only choose deals we think will interest travellers like you. No matter where you are, Appy Travels makes sure you’ll grab yourself a bargain.

  • Exclusive Deals

    Big savings, wherever you are.

    Every dollar saved while traveling is a potential extra experience to be had or a longer stay in a magical place. Appy Travels Exclusive Deals are the most relevant local deals sent direct to your app, wherever you are.

  • Currency Converter

    Before you find that great deal, you can find out how much your home currency is buying. Appy Travels receives foreign currency exchange info daily, so you know when to convert your cash and how much you can spend.

  • Weather Info

    It’s almost your first question isn’t it: what’s the weather like? Is it going to be a warm jacket day? Or is it a ‘clothes optional’ day? We’ll give you the forecast for the next five days.

  • News & Links

    Sometimes it helps to know the latest news in your travel area or to dig a bit deeper for info on a national park, a city or region. Well here it is folks.

  • Talking Phrasebook

    98 phrases and terms in 9 languages.

    Your new travel buddies don’t speak your language, you want to tell the taxi / bus / rickshaw / driver that they drive like a madman and you need the bathroom badly, the foreign language audio phrasebook is your best answer.

  • Social - Twitter

    Connect with other nearby adventurers instantly!

    Just arrived, and grabbing a drink in a local bar or pub…Use the Appy Travels Twitter function to let other Appy Travelers know you’re around! You could meet your new best friends or they might be sitting next to you already!

  • Book It - Coming soon

    When you’re sure you’re going, or staying, or flying, or driving or sailing or sleeping there, then make a booking here and now! How easy is that?

About Appy Travels Apps

Free as a bird, not expensive like departure tax.

Why are The World’s Best Travel Companions free? We believe that because the travel community provides their ideas, thoughts, writing, tips, photos and videos for free, the benefits should flow both ways.

Lots of destinations, even special small ones

Being travellers too, we know you’re not just interested in the big cities. So we’ve made apps for the less visited equally amazing destinations where the right info goes a long way towards making your experience even more rewarding.

Be Our Guide

Appy Travels guides stay fresh, accurate and interesting through constant feedback from travellers like you.

So we'd love your travel tips, local insights, writing, photos and videos. If we like your style, we'll add your stuff to our apps or blast it across our social networks. Stay safe, and may all your travels be Appy Travels.


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